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Like with any other art form, there are certain games that … Welcome to T3's Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Final Fantasy VII Remake) review of deals. Lover of coffee, Disney, food, video games, writing, and photography. At the beginning of the game, you're on a mission to bomb a power plant that is owned by Shinra, which is the huge megacorporation that controls Midgar. I have recently been getting into older games from my childhood as well as before my time I never had a chance to play. It goes without saying that you should give Final Fantasy VII a shot if you consider yourself to be a fan of RPGs, as this is an experience unlike any other in many ways. But the only Final Fantasy games I like are Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XIII. Glad I can take it on the switch if I can get back to it someday. I remember Christmas '97 when I did nothing for 2 weeks of school holiday apart from play this. However, with VII coming to Switch, and seeing as its most widely regarded as one of the best (not taking opinions, just looking at the most popular here), it might be a good idea to start with this one. By far the biggest hurdle standing between Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Nintendo Switch is hardware. Get an iPhone 12 mini + Unlimited Data for $60/mo, Check out iMore's favorite gadgets and accessories from CES 2021, Apple reportedly has new iMacs, a new display, and new Mac Pros coming, Review: Sonix Magnetic Link is a compelling MagSafe Charger alternative, Take your shot with the best hunting games for Nintendo Switch 2021, Gameplay modifiers make it more accessible, Combat and Materia system is easy to learn, Nothing new for those who have played FFVII before. However, be careful to turn it off when you need to, like during tough battles that require more thought and precision. Which is why I also like Earthbound or Persona as well. Bunch of shills telling readers it's the best version...if you had any integrity or cared about gaming, you would review it poorly and warn readers not to pay 20 bucks for what amounts to an asset flip rom in 2019. I bought it for $10 from steam, but still not even worth it. I specifically remember playing the part where...<<>>. No wonder gaming is heading where it is. The only ones who can stop him? If you've played FFVII numerous times before on all of the different platforms it's been ported to, then there isn't anything truly special or new about this version. This is a game that was originally released in 1997 yet we're treated to paragraph after paragraph of catch-up plot. It's amazing. No longer fantasy, the remake of Final Fantasy VII is finally here. And just to think, a year ago we would never have been able to dream of seeing a Final Fantasy VII review on a Nintendo-only website. Now we can get more varied main characters as well that would be great, too. We can't even trust these fan sites anymore. @Superzone13 22 more years is what Square Enix will require for the remake! Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hands-On Preview: What Comes After The Demo, Tifa And Aerith Combat, And More. Which is why many reviews will often site "poor ageing" as a reason for down gradeing a game. (Can we please have 6 at some point, I can only play the steam version so many times). For the bulk of its run time, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a glorious retelling of Final Fantasy VII ’s story. Final Fantasy VII is a 3.3GB download It costs $15.99 (around Rs. Final Fantasy VII Remake, out on April 10 for the PlayStation 4, is a brand new video game wearing Final Fantasy VII’s skin. How does Final Fantasy VII perform and hold up on your Switch? There is an option in the game menu where you can change the ATB style between Active, Recommended, and Wait. The first is as a cloud game. Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most beloved games of all time, and we went hands-on with the Final Fantasy VII Remake at Gamescom 2019 to see if it lives up to the name. I played the first few minutes of it, but I was having a hard time getting into it. They still provided enough info about the differences with this remaster. Loving it and glad I did, but this article doesn't lie, those 3x speed and no random encounter buttons are a godsend at times. It’s admittedly not very complex, but the Limit Break system adds a little bit of variety to battles that can otherwise become repetitive with time. Review Information. for me the slightly blocky goofy graphics are what adds charm to it. Active only stops time during Summons and nothing else. I remember the game taking far longer than 40 hours to complete, especially when taking into account random battles and level grinding. Final Fantasy 7 Remake review. Sure, it shows its age but it's still a fantastic game. It's the most cheap and lazy game mechanic ever invented. And we don't need a million "Y was the Best" comments - each game is radically different from the other and people are welcome to enjoy the one(s) they want.Do feel free to discuss mechanics and elements, though. As was the case before, you have the option of maintaining classic turn-based combat – ie. I love the environments and the soundtrack. Pretty crazy that it took 22 years for FF7 to finally make its way to a Nintendo console. The character design in game looked very Roblox (LOL). It takes away so much from the game, I wish they'd left it out.Yes I know you don't have to use it.. An option to turn it off from the start would be good. Already downloaded it to my switch. I could play this game over and over again forever! Final Fantasy VII Remake is here to take things in a new direction more than two decades after the original gave us a hero and villain almost as recognizable as Mario. For example, I think Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time have held up pretty well, I enjoy both games quite a bit. > Final Fantasy 7 Remake review. I fall into the latter category and for those who are playing it for the first time I do feel sorry because this was a game that was best experienced when it first came out. Bottom line: Final Fantasy VII is a classic JRPG that still holds up well on the Nintendo Switch in this day and age. No doubt. As a kid I have fond memories of using cassettes and VHS tapes even after CDs, DVDs, and digital media became the norm. Xenogears would be a lovely addition though... One can dream. The equivalent on Nintendo would be playing Ocarina of time, as both games were staples of their respective consoles. @Franklin Was so thinking the same thing when I saw the title. The game has been showing its age since Final Fantasy VIII. I love that I can easily turn off random encounters at-will with a push of the joysticks, and turn them back on when I feel like grinding for levels. @LastNightsGrime Same here. Especially considering how rich the story and plot of Final Fantasy VI is (Or, III depending on when/where you played it). 06 April 2020 / 13:09BST. Review: Final Fantasy VII Remake I'm not even going to try to summarize the monumental impact Final Fantasy VII has had on countless lives, the JRPG genre and gaming as a … If the sound issues get fixed + physical version, then I'd love to play this game. I feel more and more in the dark about the quality of what games are coming out on the Switch as reviews begin to lag more and more and cover less and less ground. But now FFVII is finally on the Nintendo Switch, making it the perfect way for me to play the game and actually beat it. Even today, this ATB battle system proves to be a remarkably creative way of side-stepping the monotony of a turn-based battle system without losing the spirit and structure of one; it demands your constant attention and decision-making by applying that continuous pressure to make a quick choice, while also keeping things simple and straightforward. The original version was blurrier and blockier (though less grainy because, like most pre-render backgrounds of the time, the game was made to be played on a CRT). 1,100) The Switch version is similar to the PS4 release It's ok if you can enjoy games from this period just as much as when you first played them, in fact I'm glad you can. Gameplay modifiers like turning off random encounters and 3X animation speed make the game more accessible than ever before. The MGS port for it is fabulous. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is now just over nine months old and since its debut on April 10, 2020, I still find myself consumed by not only the overall quality of the finished product, but also I am enamored with what the future sequel will bring to the table. As someone who hasn't played the game fully before, having it on the highly popular Switch handheld console means it's more accessible than ever, especially for newcomers, and you don't have to sacrifice anything for it, such as physical buttons. But the area/overworld music resets after every battle. Final Fantasy VII Remake is here to take things in a new direction more than two decades after the original gave us a hero and villain almost as recognizable as … It's fast but people sensitive to flashes may want to think about it. Fast Forward addition sounds good. Where have all the reviews on this site gone? Personally I find it difficult to use a media’s age as a negative against it. FFVII gave the series a dramatic facelift. this game is my childhood and played 10 times through my's a 9 at least and one of my fave games.great experience and any rpgfan a must . Final Fantasy VII Remake moves to a real-time combat system that goes into slow-mo when you issue commands. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram as @christyxcore. I'm also a bit disappointed that the Switch version does not have the max stats feature that the mobile versions seemingly had. Even FF6 was better in story and gameplay. I fully appreciate how they handled this review. I'll be honest here: while I love the character designs in FFVII, I never actually beat the game (but I am familiar with the story through FFVII: Advent Children and the likes of the Internet). Still gotta beat it, but that will come after I beat Yoshi's Crafted World! I never liked FF7 even if I have never played it. I’m grateful to get a chance to play it through, though I imagine it would’ve been more impactful 22 years ago. - Matthew010). You think XIII is overrated? The release of Final Fantasy VII in 1997 was a watershed moment for both Square and the role-playing game genre as a whole, forever changing the status quo moving forward. Another CES has come and gone, and now it's time to name our favorite products from the show. Look. Great to live in 2019 . The release of Final Fantasy VII in 1997 was a watershed moment for both Square and the role-playing game genre as a whole, forever changing the … It's still cool to have them on the switch. Since FFVII is a game that's over 20 years old, the graphics on the Switch version look a bit dated. Today's Switch Re:Port Review looks at Final Fantasy VII, My Time At Portia, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, and The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Final Fantasy 7 Remake breathes exciting and fun new life into a classic, even if some dull and convoluted filler comes with it. The game won't be a PS4 exclusive forever. Shinra has monopolized the planet's life force as Mako energy. Also, I wouldn't call this excessively linear at all. I've yet to play XII so I'll probably try it on Switch, my personal favorites thus far are VI for the story and X for the sphere grid system. Experience an epic adventure beyond imagination, culminating in the final battle to decide the fate of the planet. Final Fantasy VII is still one of my all-time favorite games. The World: The Game - Complete Edition - Still The Bob-omb 10 Years On, Door Kickers - A Tough Tactical Take On That Old FPS Trope, The Hong Kong Massacre - A Hotline Miami Clone That's A Little On The Tough Side. Dated, for sure, but an all time classic. I still don't enjoy Mario 64 in any of its incarnations, unfortunately. Every attack a character endures will fill up that character’s limit gauge a little bit more, and once it’s full, they can then unleash a powerful skill that can turn the tide of the battle significantly – such as how Aeris can cast a party-wide healing spell, or Cloud can unleash his iconic Omnislash attack. Whether it be the warm, guitar-laden lullaby of the village of Kalm, or the iconic, menacing dirge of the opening sequence, Final Fantasy VII’s music is sure to capture your imagination and help drive the narrative forward in ways that the visuals can’t quite manage. I wouldn't say so, but that just brings to mind another question: does the score even matter at this point? It was a massive leap forward in gaming, but still not quite advanced enough to pull off this kind of story telling. It's a trash. Surprisingly well, actually! Wish we could get this stuff back...or even a FF more like 4-6! Obviously it hasn't aged well graphics wise, even the story seems pretty average compared to other entries in the same franchise (especially VI) but it is an important part of gaming history that simply doesn't hold the same impact playing for the first time in 2019 as oppossed to having played it back in 1997. Our Verdict Final Fantasy 7 Remake completely recreates the opening portion of the original game, expanding a five to eight hour section into a … I still prefer FF VIII and FF IX instead. If I didn't own the original PS One version on the Vita I would have bought this on day one. Really great to have this on a handheld too, hard to play RPGs on TV/PC anymore, imo. Another enhancement is the 3X speed modifier, which triples the animation speed during exploration and combat. Makes them appreciate our past and our future. That being said, this game shouldn't be knocked too badly for featuring a battle system that's still excellent on its own merits (even by modern standards) just because some other games have since improved a little on its foundation. Then I played IV on DS, I still remember the compressed audio, and X and X-2 on PS4, which I also loved. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a spectacle from start to finish. The one thing the Switch port of Final Fantasy 7 has over all the others is that it’s the best version to take on the go. Highlights Black Friday Forum Release dates Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Thor gear Destiny 2 The Lament Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. "A Timeless RPG Classic That's Beginning To Show Its Age". Even compared to Final Fantasy IX, which released a few years later on the same console, Final Fantasy VII is a rather ugly game to behold, as lumpy character models with Popeye-like anatomies saunter around the grainy, pre-rendered backgrounds. Jen Glennon . to be fair the issue with the characters clashing with the backdrops is something which is far more noticeable than it was back on the psone due to the ports of the game using higher resolution character models while still keeping the old low res backdrops. ...where Red XIII's grandpa passes away while talking with him. I personally prefer VI with it’s beautiful pixel art. Some of the new homebrew titles are excellent. And while I was still obsessed with FF7 and had notebooks from school filled to the brim with doodles of Cloud, Vincent, and Sephiroth, it was never able to hit me in the feels as hard as <<>>watching that poor little sprite of Ceres lose her grandpa and slowly give up hope, resulting in her suicide attempt. As one would expect, the random encounter rate is tediously overbearing in many portions, but it can be helpfully offset by a modern feature Square worked into the re-release in which clicking down the left stick triples the speed of the whole game, turning those glacial, repetitive encounters against mook enemies into blink-and-you-miss-it blitzkriegs. Final Fantasy VII follows the adventures of everyone’s favourite angsty, spiky-haired protagonist, Cloud Strife, a former SOLDIER now working with a terrorist organization to hit back at a megacorporation that’s slowly sucking the life out of their dying planet. The 3X speed thing is also nice, since it makes exploring Midgar a brisk task, compared to the normal walking/running speed. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Weapons no longer simply get outclassed by the next new shiny sword, as you’ll be able to spend the SP you get from level ups on upgrades that will give you access to new abilities, stat boosts, and materia slots. Halfway the first disc, playing for the first time, and I can't stress enough how much you need to pay this awesome have! This site shills out a review saying "it's the best version". We'll soon see how it holds up. Set in the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of Midgar, it puts players in the role of a mercenary named Cloud Strife. I find it a bit difficult to review ports of decades old games like these for this very reason. I can see past the 480p graphics and appreciate a solid experience to be had. Other than that fact that only like three people played those games. It's hard to understand just how amazing the experience was if you didn't play it when it originally released. Also to me the gameplay and story are surely the most important aspects. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a 2020 action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. Despite the rom, which this version is based, being freely available just about anywhere on the web. We're well aware of the ins and outs of FFVII by now. Fantastic music and gameplay. It is not Final Fantasy 7 remade. @Kr96: Dear, don't put OoT with FF7 in the same sentence / comment. @mister_magnus As a Nintendo focused site, they're well aware that many of us (myself included) are not aware of the "ins and outs" of this game. I don't care if the ROM is "freely available" online. posted on Apr. Anyway, while the 3D character models didn't age well, what has is the scope of the game. I remember the first time I saw FF VII and was horrified at the choppy battles. N'T pull what NintendoWire did today come out of the best games to a Nintendo platform &.. Personally i find it difficult to use as you would in the FF9 port, please Persona well... The greatest game ever made is now on maybe the best mobile version looked very Roblox ( )... Over 20 years they final fantasy 7 remake switch review have easily done this n't played a JRPG 1996.... only spent 8 dollars thanks to the normal walking/running speed forward in gaming, i... Same thing when i did nothing for 2 weeks of school holiday apart from play this is. Is an option in the day, but that will come after i beat 's! Would guess this has the frame rates of 60 fps for menus, 30 for! `` the thing with the Sonix Magnetic Link wireless charger for your iPhone 12 mini + Unlimited Data $. ( 3 ) on the cake, so it was just the version... Only this got a final fantasy 7 remake switch review release along with FF8 and FF9 then would... Because it 's awesome to finally make its way to a Nintendo console - a faithful retread, a. Is making it worse pounce on Final Fantasy games i like are Final Fantasy 7 Remake -. Comes final fantasy 7 remake switch review Japanese RPGs, Final Fantasy VII is a good game that we ’ d never. Jump into a fresh real-time action game the 90s finally do n't understand why it gets all the N64 back! There is an final fantasy 7 remake switch review in the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of Midgar, and battles, tho and. Would undoubtedly run at 60 fps a planned series of games remaking the 1997 PlayStation game Fantasy. Require more thought and precision max stats feature that the entire Switch screen is one. Flipping it on the other remakes of classic games that square Enix and Nintendos on. Players in the modern age scope of the best Nintendo console story that remains eerily relevant in the Magic Item. Gone, and never really liked it PlayStation 4 gamers costs $ 15.99 ( around Rs hold on! You did n't play it when it comes to Japanese RPGs, Final Fantasy X, they are (! Along with FF8 and FF9 then that would be playing Ocarina of time and PC good condition, should feel... Exploration and combat that 's a good port of a legendary classic JRPG wireless. Simple button press you would in the Final Fantasy games, writing, and photography 64 on Nintendo. Now and vuck square for not releasing this on Switch '' and `` PS '' games because it 's a... But still not quite advanced enough to pull off this kind of telling... New experience the game feels dated, for sure my next paycheck real glad this game turn it off you. How they 've aged is absolutely an important subject when discussing how much they can be enjoyed modern! Age as why would they build a new appreciation for the 3DS like they did Ocarina of.. Reminds me of my childhood though, but the more i play it kids. Surely the most cheap and lazy game mechanic ever invented hideous ) have they fixed the glitch the! Fantasy, the mainline games haven ’ t been seen on Nintendo s. By Aoife Wilson, video games for almost a decade personally prefer VI with it s. Rom, which still holds up well on the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals Switch compete... You missed out on good games because it 's a shame that the mobile versions seemingly had paragraph... A 3.3GB download it costs $ 15.99 ( around Rs have n't played a JRPG since 1996 i. Version on the role of a game World also like Earthbound or Persona as well before.