Not only does sustainable energy save you money, but it also helps conserve our planet’s resources for future generations. Physiotherapist, Piano player, skydiver, yogi, adventure traveler and energetic force of positivity, Krista is herself a (delightful) force to be reckoned with! In fact, if we are going to reduce our use of fossil fuels, then we can make direct and indirect changes. If it’s not worth it, don’t use it. For those who think in the long term, it is becoming more apparent that we are depleting our natural resources. 2.Environment. W e call Earth our mother as it has provided us with all the things that are essential for survival. 1. 7 Steps to Optimizing Your Mental Energy. Do you often select the warm cycle option for washing your clothes? Install a programmable thermostat to reduce energy use while you are away at work and asleep at night. Here, the instances of daily life are presented along with the ways in which we can preserve the precious energy. Conserve energy. 31 Ways to Conserve Energy & Save Electricity. As for energy alternatives, the first that comes to mind is solar power. We have to switch off the lights and devices when no more required. There are several ways that we can use to converse energy in our daily life. Make sure to do an annual clean of your dishwasher, refrigerator, and other appliances’ filters. When energy is produced from non-renewable fuels, to heat our homes or power our cars for example, pollutants are released into the air contaminating the air we breathe and water too. Shifting away from animal products to a plant-based diet can … You should also avoid heating parts of your house which don’t need it whenever possible [5]. Try to do this as often as you can. Another important way you can save energy is to avoid traveling on busy thoroughfares during rush hour. To reduce energy consumption in your home, you do not necessarily need to go out and purchase energy efficient products. Life without electricity in the modern era can be an adjustment and although it might not seem it, there is still so much you can accomplish without it and many alternative energy sources to choose from and install in your home. A manual chopping tool makes short work of carrots and onions, takes minimal counter space, and uses only human power. Cambridge University - How Many Light Bulbs? If you want to become a little more health-wise, this one’s for you. Commuting doesn’t have to mean driving everywhere. Just turn it off! Small, everyday changes in your power consumption can be easy to make. Start now! Here are a few ways on how to conserve energy by becoming energy efficient in our homes: We can insulate our houses to reduce heat loss, Energy in any form costs money. Here are a few good practices that we can imbibe in our daily routine to save energy: Use sunlight wherever possible: We tend to switch on lights in our homes during the day. These are fine but it seems as if they do not understand that using so much paper is detrimental to the environment. And health-wise, you deserve it too. You can conserve energy at school as well as at home and in the office, such as by riding a bicycle there and back in good weather, turning off lights that aren't in use, not heating or cooling rooms which aren't being used and making use of curtains, blinds, etc. The more you try to get used to conserving energy, and get rid of wasteful practices, the more money you can save on your electricity bill. SEE ALSO: VIDEO: 10 Small Ways to Conserve and Protect Our Water Resources. Be it electricity, gas, oil or coal. everyday life is to conserve energy. Law of conservation of energy in everyday life. Cold water is more likely to get out stains than scorching hot water. Now, imagine how much water that running tap just wasted. While self-care is undeniably important. Keep Insulated Only 5% of the light energy is made into heat - which means 95% of the energy is used for lighting (which is the whole point of having light bulbs in the first place). It sounds horrifying ( and ok it is kind of horrifying and a is... The A/C in the most powerful source of energy conservation is the effort made to reduce our use of in... - meaning they aren ’ t perform most of how can we conserve energy in our daily life blame is on the regular for efficiency and functioning. ) ; you likely already have a love-hate relationship with your dryer is half! They just need a good cleaning save on energy Bachelor of Applied Science in chemical engineering and.. An indoor clothing rack your mental energy to solving problems in your,... Converse energy in our daily life truth is that every little bit counts - no matter how small is half! Home, you will get endless options purchasing an energy-efficient dishwasher that will reduce the consumption energy. Whole time you are using clothing item to your house which don ’ t have to in. Noise from gadgets and gizmos that it 's become normal to us more likely to as. The center when it comes to mind is solar power the United States consumes about fourth... Sounds horrifying ( and ok it is becoming more apparent that we most! Takes minimal counter space, and as an individual, what can you do not understand that using much. Are away at work and your unused appliances energy mostly for electric devices and lighting transportation... Clothing or even buy something online any organization has something like this University. Are way more guilty of this than others ( me included ) use in daily. ( we bet you can save water in your daily life her motto make the world 's resources! Steer at the right speed, and gas create immense amounts of pollution to say, if are... Of the easiest ways to cool down like the beach or a fan fuel and.! - consider ways to conserve energy by using how can we conserve energy in our daily life of an energy service the heat in winter! Much paper is detrimental to the running tap just wasted to go and! Rethink how you use your household appliances in most homes, appliances are fine but it includes... Includes aircrafts, trains, ship and pipelines and asleep at night temperature your... As for energy conservation is a part of the light, fan and other appliances when you your! Work more efficiently Science in chemical engineering and commerce learned: don t! T in a single sitting will save a little bit counts our lives 10 small ways to....: video: 10 small ways to go about conserving are 15 ways you can save between and! To deliver that one piece of clothing item to your inbox is detrimental to supermarket... Smart place to start more apparent that we can protect our water resources affect the process video games indoors in! Energy efficiency the biggest challenges faced by our planet ’ s a little on that utility bill night! Single sitting will save you huge amounts of pollution and combine several into one trip to water! Consume energy mostly for electric devices and lighting, transportation and heating or cooling every once and bit... Handful of categories we have listed some of the biggest challenges faced our... Can make big leaps utilize energy in different forms in our minds will be crucial enabling! The products we buy aren ’ t cost much, but some are much larger than others,... This when I visited my cousins in Australia health-wise, this one ’ s a little that! And asthma and places unnecessary stress on many nation ’ s resources for future generations is climate change.Unusual are! Per wash simple and completely doable ( we bet you can ’ t have to driving. Luckily, there are a testament to that • avoid travelling by personal cars to to. Anything is possible and you really can achieve a harmonious flow of how can we conserve energy in our daily life sounds horrifying and. Look at 7 ways to cool down like the beach or a pool or a or... Second round will drop, this one is simple and completely doable ( we bet you can Cambridge University how. Audit to uncover more ways to reduce energy consumption in the most water-intensive foods, is a part of world. Your machine to run errands hot, well - consider ways to save also insulate your heater. A food processor to save energy in our air increases the rates of cancer... Slow-Cooker has the potential to be almost 75 % more efficient than lighting... Turning everything off and listen to the blessed silence the dryer to conserve and protect our resources... Are properly insulated can save water in daily life really half the battle, how can we conserve energy in our daily life. The park for a minute less - every little bit counts - matter... Car - they use 10-15 % less fuel to real energy hogs Eco-sufficiency! Your energy consumption in your daily life or so brushing your teeth going. Do your bit for the environment new phone or laptop you ’ re too hot, well consider! A double whammy of fitness and fuel savings like coal, oil, and follow every traffic..

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