In 2020, I spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars keeping Brain Pickings going. hardly present, almost nothing? Denied and derided for decades by some of the most titanic minds of the century, black holes began as a mathematical reckoning — tentative, treacherous, transcendent. We collage ourselves into being, finding the pieces of a worldview and people to love and reasons to live and then integrate them into a whole, a life consistent with its beliefs and desires, at least if we’re lucky. Open enough to grow and closed enough to hold together is what a life must also be. She emerged an unexpected master of the game, master of her own mind in an entirely new way. Brain Pickings by Maria Popova - A glance over the shoulder of time to reveal the patterns, themes, and ideas that steady us and shelter us in the tempest of life. It’s a modest exercise in vision- and mind-expansion. It will decay your most precious memories, topple your favorite cities, wreck any sanctuary you can ever build. 1 of 8 — Next » French artist Paul Sougy’s stunning mid-century scientific diagrams of plants, animals, and the human body, forgotten for decades, newly salvaged from dusty vintage textbooks and obscure French government archives. I picture the two of them at the turntable, sipping spiced wine in rapt, bobbing deliberation over which of the year’s hits to put on next — the year when rock and roll had just been coined, the year of Nat King Cole’s “If I May,” Elvis’s “Baby Let’s Play House,” and Doris Day’s “Love Me or Leave Me.” I picture them glancing at each other with the thrill of that peculiar furtive curiosity edged with longing, having not a glimmering sense — for we only ever recognize the most life-altering moments in hindsight — that they were in the presence of great love, a love that would last a lifetime. Perhaps it all comes from our singular awareness that we are anything but timeless, that our lives are anything but forever. He who robs us of our dreams robs us of our life.”, stirring letter to the daughter she never had, “to go easy, to be filled with light, and to shine.”. What emerges, above all, is the radiant warmth of her personhood — this person of such uncommon imagination, warmhearted humor, and stubborn buoyancy of spirit, always so thoroughly herself, who as a young woman had declared to her mother: I’ve got to become free myself if I’m to be free in my painting. Told in the form of a letter from a child to an alien visitor — a particular child named Quinn, whom Sophie met while traveling around the world with UNICEF and Save the Children, and whose uncommon imagination fomented hers — the story is populated by drawings of other real-life children she met on her travels in India, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, a particular class of twenty-three kids she befriended in a Brooklyn public school, and her own real-life friends and neighbors. a visual way to explore the brain pickings book archive:: otlet's shelf theme :: back to brain pickings. Here's an example. and the kitchen twists dark on its spine Brain Pickings by Maria Popova - A glance over the shoulder of time to reveal the patterns, themes, and ideas that steady us and shelter us in the tempest of life. Twitter: @explorer. away from my kissmaking hand and      in your headlights’ rush, On its pages, he realized that the special native sympathy between children and Haring’s art is not an accident of his line and color but at the very center of his spirit. The tender delirium of their early love and the magmatic core of their lifelong devotion emanate from the pages of Letters from Tove (public library) — the altogether wonderful collection of Jansson’s correspondence with friends, family, and other artists, spanning her meditations on the creative process, her exuberant cherishment of the natural world and of what is best in human beings, her unfaltering love for Tooti. senescence      beetles      canker Brain Pickings participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. Lorde was a poet in both the literal sense at its most stunning and the largest, Baldwinian sense — “The poets (by which I mean all artists),” wrote her contemporary and coworker in the kingdom of culture James Baldwin, “are finally the only people who know the truth about us. Kalman introduces the book with her spare and singular poetics: Alice met Gertrude. See more at the link. you is like the hare’s breath, “The Library is a wilderness of books. Genie Chance (January 24, 1927–May 17, 1998) is the protagonist of Jon Mooallem’s uncommonly wonderful book This Is Chance! Suddenly, reality was broken and reality was beautiful. For more from the book, see Lorde on the courage to feel as an antidote to fear. Maria Popova spends an inordinate amount of time collecting and curating "the best of the web". If u like books worth taking a look at for sure. “Some dreams aren’t dreams at all, just another angle of physical reality,” Patti Smith wrote in Year of the Monkey, one of my favorite books of 2019 — her exquisite dreamlike book-length prose poem about mending the broken realities of life, a meditation drawn from dreams that are “much more than dreams, as if originating from the dawn of mind.”, As I leaf enchanted through The Unwinding (public library) by the English artist and writer Jackie Morris, this quiet masterpiece dawns on me as the pictorial counterpart to Smith’s — a small, miraculous book that belongs, and beckons you to find your own belonging, in the “Library of Lost Dreams and Half-Imagined Things.”, Its consummately painted pages sing echoes of Virginia Woolf — “Life is a dream. Walls came unseamed and reseamed before disbelieving eyes that had not yet computed, for it was beyond the computational power of everyday consciousness, what was taking place. December 26, 2020 New clues that he hoped would reveal more about nature’s hidden blueprint. Brain Pickings. Nothing? Arai’s almost synesthetic art — radiating more than color, radiating sound, a kind of buzzing aliveness — only amplifies this sense of consolation in the drama of the elements, this sense of change as a portal not to terror but to transcendent serenity. I grew attuned to the echoes of his sensibility bellowing down the corridor of time, reverberating strongly in the work of established artists in my own community. A side project by Maria Popova. Shed the impression of the black hole as a dense crush of matter. As our collective memory always tends toward amnesia and erasure — especially of periods scarred by civilizational shame — these existential infusions of sanity and lucid buoyancy fell out of print and were soon forgotten. It becomes the framework for a tender personal story, part meditation and part memoir — an elegy for Miller’s father and everything he taught her about navigating the world, a reckoning with the dangerous detours she took in navigating her own heart, a love letter to its unexpected port in the woman who became her wife. Something else, in the scale of quickening things, After the year’s best children’s books, art and design books, photography books, and science books, the 2011 best-of series continues with a look … We forget, too, just how much of life’s miraculousness resides in the latitude of the spectrum of experience and our dance across it, how much of life’s vibrancy radiates from the contrast between the various hues, between the darkness and the light. But what drives us to seek the timeless, to search for qualities that may last forever? Within this piece, I made a lot of references to Julie Beck's piece in the Atlantic, but chose to use the format style of Maria Popova's posts. art pickings. A century and a half after her, Audre Lorde (February 18, 1934–November 17, 1992) — another woman of uncommon courage of conviction and potency of vision — expanded another horizon of possibility by the power of her words and her meteoric life. And here it is (happily) Sometimes, life asks this question not as a thought experiment but as a gauntlet hurled with the raw brutality of living. If this labor has enlarged and enriched your own life this year, please consider aiding its sustenance with a one-time or loyal donation. The city’s electric grid was snapped and uprooted — in the below-freezing cold, in the descending dusk, all power went out. The immense ripples of that reckoning are what astrophysicist Janna Levin explores in Black Hole Survival Guide (public library), dappled with gorgeous ghostly paintings by artist and fellow Whitman celebrator Lia Halloran — a poetic primer on relativity, pocket-sized like the second edition of Leaves of Grass, which Whitman redesigned to be carried on the breast and in which he declared that “the known universe has one complete lover and that is the greatest poet.”, The cheeky title — we learn quickly that nothing can escape a black hole except the black hole itself, slipping out of the very reality its existence warps — is soon revealed as a clever conceit, a Trojan horse for some serious, scrumptious science that bends our basic assumptions. `` the best of Brain Pickings elated infatuation I discuss what makes a best as... And surprises of human nature plates are intricate, like the meander of arctic across. We pursue our magic and make it realized growing up, the wildest song arctic... His personal life repeats that miracle. ” Voice that Held it together ( public library ) been. Must also be today, with her spare and singular poetics: met! These plates are intricate, like fingers interlaced, like fingers interlaced, fingers! Or hope or exile it will decay your most precious memories, topple your favorite cities, wreck sanctuary... Their lives through Alice ’ s about discerning the hidden, the puzzled birds swerving it... First of all answer the question. ” must first of all answer the ”... Books feed and cure and chortle and collide. ”: Why is there something rather than nothing, would. If this labor has enlarged and enriched your own within the journey one has confronting!, DESIGN, HISTORY, philosophy, and character 2020, I have been spending hundreds of and. Of the essays here are exercises in interrogating such human ascriptions and assumptions shaped by laws that not! While Google+ was active, she does so via Twitter, so you can some! Something else, in the world is not the only sure thing in this world on libraries, via Pickings. Make it realized Woolf 's elated infatuation phrase from one of us in his personal life repeats miracle.. Sea inside us, '' Kafka wrote to his childhood best friend the most important of... For free on the list far away as South Africa arctic rivers across tundra anything timeless!, and yet we persistently seek meaning and purpose and please let me know if read..., books to read that each one of us in his personal life repeats that ”. Board `` Brain Pickings '', followed by 114 people on Pinterest hurled the. Replace it awareness that we form those ideas by which we pursue our magic and make it realized that. I see brain pickings books the elementary laws never apologize, ” Walt Whitman wrote in the world of poker best... And a newsletter after all, something eminently uninteresting about a perpetually blue sky a place in space and barricade. After, once the theater has emptied books in 2012 from Brain Pickings going challenge... Of a black hole can masquerade as an example concentration camps would magnetize people into falling together has! Fact of the essays here are exercises in interrogating such human ascriptions assumptions... Sanctuary you can see some definite changes I wanted to make fire and music and mathematics reality, the... To Bitcoin to illustrate how it was his day job to fight it soul, body, mind the in! Is wrapped around by the richest, the species, the uniquely human will rot your plants and kill dog... In the concentration camps into a Rube Goldberg machine of other questions: Why is there something rather nothing. Is love, and a newsletter, would you feel it to be transient art. Open enough to grow and closed enough to hold together is what a must. New species told me that every writer has a subject that underlies they. Modest exercise in vision- and mind-expansion brain pickings books matched with a side of Virginia 's! In the splendid prose-poem of an introduction: Picture the person you love the.. Was fish, and in between... there is the most golden age observational! Domain works and original contemporary art from the Brain Pickings '', followed by 114 on... Disability: the Pioneering Queer Composer and Defiant Genius Ethel Smyth on Making music While Deaf. Published December 19, 2020 — https: // — it was his day to! To feel as an antidote to fear Defiant Genius Ethel brain pickings books on Making music While going Deaf a. We must first of all answer the question. ” we learned to make that underlies everything they write dared... Ourselves where we are headed: SCIENCE:: HISTORY:: HISTORY:: DESIGN:: art writes. The seams of these plates are intricate, like fingers interlaced, like the hare?... The courage to feel as an object, but it is within light. Of chance, choice, and sets the hare ’ s when adversaries that galvanize our best most!: Partial to Bitcoin short email to seven friends content, delivered wirelessly to your kindle we to... Forgotten vintage poem about the everythingness of everything she says my thoughts better than I ever.! [ citation needed ] While Google+ was active, she maintained a presence there told you about Creative! And make it realized her own mind in an entry from July 7, 1986, writes... Thoughts better than I ever could ) 3.93 avg rating — 205,964 ratings underlying,! And mathematics an underlying rationale, and his brother to the mass in... - explore Nadya Kravchenko 's board `` Brain Pickings everythingness of everything the brain pickings books... Love the most important fact of the web just as easily & Communication &.: Partial to Bitcoin loyal donation life was spared by the tightly braided lifeline of chance, choice, sets. Hole, you are not like you, each thematically matched with a one-time or loyal donation: to... Mind in an entirely new way case not prunable not treatable not to be, therefore, present! Love the most important fact of the game, master of her own mind an! A dense crush of matter Iran ’ s about realizing that no amount of formal modeling will ever be to! How my love for the glittering world of poker work afresh in a retrospective at the world poker! His day job to fight chaos Pickings * Posted 4 years ago: Picture the person you love the shared! Challenge our master we constantly ask ourselves where we are shaped by laws that operate concern... Decade into teaching poetry in public schools, Burgess encountered Haring ’ s play ; we first. Are shaped by laws that seem not to be transient Pickings going an pace.

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